Cutlery / Hashi O2

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Developed by ALMA, these 316-L stainless steel cutlery are carefully produced in small batches and with strict quality control, earning it 1st place in the industry category by the biggest award in Latin America – Salão Design 2018 Award.

Sob encomenda.


Cutlery / Hashi O2

Design: Carvalho Araújo

Material: 316-L Stainless Steel

Shape: Various. Design for feeling.

Color: Silver

Weight: 42 g

Size: 24cm x 0.5cm

Packing: 1 (one) pair

The O2 cutlery is the point of convergence between Western and Eastern cultures, the materialization of diversity and the social and cultural act that the gastronomy provides. Its double function assures versatility, merging into one single object two cultures, two stories, two souls.

With a design signed by the renowned Portuguese architect and designer Carvalho Araújo, cutlery / hashi o2 is defined as a multicultural and plural product that allows itself to be used daily in the framework of what the soul design d’auteur defines as fundamental in its products : design, functionality and sustainability.

The versatility of cutlery / hashi allows them to be used in western and eastern cuisine creating unique atmospheres and special moments.
Solid stainless steel 316-l hashi follow the standards of environmental preservation. do not contribute to deforestation with the use of disposable hashi, be aware.

Enjoy the moment with the cutlery / hashi o2 and remember that you are using an award-winning product at the largest Latin American award, 1st place in the industry category.

These are the cutlery chosen for the troupe of the renowned restaurant situated in the eiffel tower, paris – Le jules verne.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 9 cm