Sob encomenda.


We privileged exclusivity!

In order to certify our customers that only 99 pieces will be produced, you can follow the production of the piece in all its phases through a QR code generated solely for you.
At the end, the piece will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed individually by the author.
Your PILO will be high-precision laser engraved with the serial number and if you wish to personalize add your name.

All of this will make the SOUL of your product.
Feel special.

Sob encomenda.


The PILO is a piece with a special stainless steel alloy structure that can be used up to 3,30 m in safety.
It is composed of a fiber-reinforced special textured resin diffuser. The bulb allows you to have full control over the lighting in space. With an adjustable white light and a full spectrum of colors, all with just one touch on an application, you can set the perfect tone and hone the moment. All in a moment.

Create the weather. Change the environment. Feel different.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 330 cm
Tratamento Aço Inox

Brushed; Polished


Resin; Acrylic

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